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A Style of My Own

I look fantastic when I am with my friends, my sole aim is to get the best into my life and have a moment to remember when sadness grasps me. The best way to celebrate for me is when I get together with my friends in a party and with light music tight trousers on I make it a rejoicing sight for myself and my company. With no sigh on my face, I just want to make it my aim to focus on the moment and the chosen lifestyle is how I spend the night.

Nothing is more precious to me more than my friends, it takes me a few hours once I take a glass of champaign and this is the way I want to rejoice to my fullest. The fact that what life has for me is just simple and basic, I know that there is certainty as far as it is my goodwill to feast in the night and the company I stay with is where I always want to be during my extra time.

A time of my life which I had thought of as an ideal one, my insistence is a fact that there is no other replacement to the nights, the drinks and parties that I have had in the past three years. Making this confession to my friends and I want to recollect this one which was a Halloween party this year in which everyone was here in a costume to look fine. More scary than you could think.

I'm Ella. I love to travel and want to live as a fashion expert and spread awareness about women's fashion trends, fitness, beauty and more to the world.

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