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Take a Stroll Through All the Advantages of Permanent Eyebrows Tattoos

Microblading is all the talk in the beauty industry and here at The Beauty Collective, we are very excited about this trend that is here to stay.
Brow lining is a mark of Permanent Eyebrows Tattoos and has become a daily routine for many women and microblading that eliminates the daily hassle, making it a crowd-pleaser!

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup and is a Permanent Eyebrows Tattoos that partially or totally camouflages missing eyebrow hairs. This procedure places fine pigments along the brows using stroking or shading techniques, giving the appearance of fuller brows. This is perfect for those of us who want to change the look of our eyebrows or maybe we’ve waxed too much in recent years. With Microblading you can redefine and reshape your eyebrows, the shades of your soul!

A Perfect Example of Permanent Eyebrows Tattoos

Pricing for Microblading at The Beauty Collective starts at $ 550 for your initial service and touch-ups range from $ 150 to $ 300 depending on how soon you return for your touch-up. After your first appointment, we ask that you come back in four to eight weeks for your first touch-up. This is the most important because the pigment naturally dissipates depending on your skin type and this quote allows the color to really set. Sometimes a certain skin type requires two or three of these follow-up appointments, while others just need an initial touch-up. After that, you can come as often as you like, from eight weeks to two years. Microblading requires so little maintenance and, if done correctly, looks so natural that its popularity is increasing.

This service is semi-permanent, which means it lasts for a while, but not permanently. The color is deposited in a layer of the skin leaving traces of pigment for one or two years. Skin sheds and renews naturally, so to keep the look fresh and full, touch-ups are required.

If you have light hair for your eyebrows: I know many people who are naturally blonde or redheads who love microblading! You can add and enhance their shape and add pigments to your brows to make them look full and visible.

Get And Change to Your Future Looks

If you have trouble growing your eyebrow hair: Microblading was designed for you! It’s especially good to add to existing thin brows for people who have over-plucked or taken the thin-brow look from 20 years ago.

It is also a must for anyone who has problems with hair loss. It causes alopecia, or anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy. This procedure can be done in a way where strokes mimic the eyebrows, giving you a choice more natural opening. Also, drawing them every day is a good habit without the fear of them sweating or washing. It’s especially good to add to existing thin brows for people who have plucked too much. Also, if they took the thin-brow look from 20 years ago and ran with it!

If you have full eyebrows:
Thick brows are trending and people are microblading to achieve the look of thick, untamed brows seen on the New York and Paris catwalks. So if your brows aren’t as thick or chunky as you’d like or you want brows. It is obvious in a fabulous way that microblading is the best natural-looking option.

Permanent Eyebrows Tattoos

For me, I just want to look as fabulous as I can with minimal effort! I have naturally thick and dark lashes. But I still spend about 5 minutes each day meticulously applying the brow pencil. Also, brow pomades are consistent do’s in a natural-looking way to enhance the shape of my brows. With Microblading, adding even a few strokes and shading can make a huge difference. It really allows for me to get the latest looks “I woke up like this” look without any regrets!

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