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Reasons Why I am in Love With Coffee

Reasons Why I am in Love With Coffee

It should come as no surprise that this roasted, caffeinated beverage is one of my favorites. Today, I’d like to discuss some of the Reasons Why I am in Love With Coffee. So get a mug of your favorite coffee and let’s get this party started.

Reasons Why I am in Love With Coffee

Family of Coffee Lovers

I grew up in a fan of coffee-drinking family. My four siblings and two parents are all binge fans of it. When we get together, someone is always brewing a pot of coffee and asking, Is there anyone who need coffee? A mug of coffee is still in many of my childhood memories of my father and mother. I get a sense of connection when I return home and smell coffee in the morning.


I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee until I was in high school, despite the fact that my family enjoyed it. I associated drinking it with growing up and achieving adulthood. It’s embarrassing to say, yet I still have those feelings.

Reasons Why I am in Love With Coffee


Asking someone for coffee, giving them their favorite brew after a long day, or offering to make the first pot are all way for me to connect with others. It allows me to reach out and form relationships with people. Is it possible to accomplish this over a cup of tea? Yes, of course it is.

It Just Tastes Good

One of the main reason that this is my favorite beverage is it tastes great. I enjoy experimenting with various roasts, brewing methods, and caffeinated blends. Taste exploration is a fascinating and never-ending activity. At the moment, my favorite drinks are a medium roast French press, a cold brew with half and a flat white.

Reasons Why I am in Love With Coffee

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